12 Virtual Assistant Projects in Marketing & Publicity

by | Mar 10, 2021

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To grow your business, you need publicity. The problem is … you have no PR experience.

PR takes time and effort. Sources say you need to send two to four informative, audience-centric emails per month. Plus, you’ll likely have to deal with three corporate crises in the next five years. Are you prepared for that?

What about building trust in your consumers? In 2021, trust in all information sources is at an all-time low. Gaining credibility will be painstaking.

You may have the money, but not the time. You don’t want to have to learn, strategize, and do all these tasks yourself.

That’s what a PR or marketing virtual assistant (VA) is for. Dealing with these issues is what they’re good at.

Not convinced? Here are 16 tasks in PR and marketing you need a virtual assistant to do.

12 projects for virtual assistants in PR and marketing

In PR or marketing, a virtual assistant is helpful for a variety of tasks you hate, can’t, or shouldn’t be doing. Your focus should be on running your business, not running SEO analyses or data entry. Let’s look at each specific task more closely.

1. Pitching guest posts

You need publicity, but finding, selecting, and pitching guest blogs takes forever. If your business is brand new, you have a low chance of being accepted—especially if you have no experience pitching. Pitches require a long list of specific guidelines for success. A PR virtual assistant knows how to pitch effectively to get you quality blog spots and podcast interviews.

Check out these awesome blog posts with resources to help you get more guest posting opportunities:

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2. Pitching podcast interviews

Pitching podcasts is equally time consuming. In order to stand out, you need to connect with the podcast host on social media, and that’s a big time sink too. Your VA can help research the right podcast hosts, connect with them on social media, and pitch them when the time is right.

3. Selecting HARO queries

Responding to HARO (Help A Reporter Out) queries can give you direct access to journalists. With quality, informative replies, you can become the authority they look for, thereby gaining backlinks and brand awareness from developing journalists.

But if you don’t know about PR … you’re not a credible authority. A virtual assistant trained in PR, on the other hand, is. A VA can select and reply to HARO queries to save you time, headache, and credibility loss.

4. Event management

The mere mention of event planning sets some business owners’ heads spinning. Like every other task on this list, event management is time-consuming and often complex. You might plan a:

  • Fundraiser
  • Virtual party
  • Product launch
  • New product demo
  • Giveaway or free trial event

For any of these events, gaining publicity is key for your business. A virtual assistant will approach event planning from a PR and marketing perspective so your brand gets all the right attention from your event.

5. Content creation

Let’s face it: some of us just aren’t writers. Or podcasters. Or videographers. Maybe you aren’t well versed in social media, either. Even with writing skills, content creation requires a certain marketing acumen. More than that, it takes time—especially to do it right.

Do you have time to write blogs and social media posts, plan and record a podcast or video series, and find guest blogs to post on—all while managing your business? Probably not. Hire a VA instead.

6. Repurposing content

The beauty of content is that it can be turned into several smaller pieces of content. For example, you might pull 20 different social media posts from a single blog post featuring cornerstone content for your business. It’s a lengthy process, though. Crafting nice photos for Instagram, shortening copy for Twitter, researching hashtags … leave it to your VA.

7. Content auditing

One of the last steps of content management is auditing. Though crucial, this process can be tedious. You must analyze traffic, shares, bounce rate, rankings, links, conversions, and more. That’s a full-time job—something you already have. If you hire a VA, they will comb your site for broken, missing, or outdated content to increase shares, keep your audience engaged, and bring new eyes to your best content.

8. Social media management

If you have a content strategy, it probably includes social media. While social media management may seem simple and haphazard, it requires much more strategy. You need a detailed profile. Posts should be scheduled and optimized for SEO. Just like keywords, hashtags should be researched well. You may want to thank and respond to customers, ask for reviews, or run contests or challenges as part of your social media campaign. All these tactics might benefit your business, but they are a heavy burden for someone already up to their ears in tasks. Your marketing VA can handle it.

9. Email list management

Did you know email marketing has an ROI of 4200 percent? Yet, while crucial, list building is incredibly time-consuming. You must find influencers, place calls-to-action, or design ads to make your brand visible and draw new leads. You might also use whitepapers to collect email addresses. Even if you already have a list, how do you manage them? Someone must design your newsletter, manage subscriptions, and keep track of accounts. How do you balance time for all that? With a virtual assistant.

10. SEO page edits

Did you know you need to optimize your site for mobile? Virtual assistants who specialize in marketing do. They also know the optimal length of a Twitter post and the maximum number of characters a meta title can have. Backlinks, keyword research, metadata, optimization, sitemaps—SEO has endless details. If you’re new to SEO, you’d need to learn it before implementing it. But let’s say you need optimization now. By the time you learn, you’ll be behind the competition curve. By hiring a marketing VA, you’ll stay ahead of the curve without lifting a finger.

11. Website management

Ever tried WordPress for building and managing your site? If you have no experience, it’s frustrating, even bewildering. To do it well, you need expertise and time. Yet, some marketing virtual assistants specialize in WordPress for website development and management. Your VA will ensure your site loads quickly, is simple to use, and stores information securely. As they know that high-ranking, authority, and functional pages are essential to SEO, they’ll troubleshoot website problems and run frequent backups to protect content.

12. Marketing reports

Though it’s the most important part of your campaign, reporting is probably something you feel like skipping. While it’s tedious for people who don’t like analytics, it’s necessary. Luckily, running reports is part of a good virtual assistant’s repertoire. They will track performance, run data reports, and track performance based on metrics defined earlier in the marketing strategy. These metrics ultimately allow you to see where to improve your marketing strategy.

Finding Virtual Assistants for Tasks in PR and Marketing

You might be thinking, “Why not just automate?”

Good question.

A VA is more personal and adds the human touch AI cannot. You can also train a virtual assistant by offering them courses, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels. When you hire a VA, measure their performance and give constructive feedback. But always thank them—they’re doing you a favor!

My favorite places to find skilled VAs are Facebook groups, Upwork, and FreeUp.

Of course, finding the right person is only half the battle. Get my free tips on training your VA to help you with your publicity and marketing.

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