April 10, 2021

SEO PR Services

8 SEO PR Services Your Small Business Needs

SEO PR services can help you bring in predictable leads. Or they can be a huge waste of money, if you aren’t targeting the right keyphrases and getting in front of the right audiences.

Here are the top 8 services that can drive traffic from both SEO and PR. For each service, you’ll discover where it is on the SEO <> PR spectrum and what businesses the service is best for, so you spend your valuable budget in the right place.

1. SEO website optimization

Before you ramp up your PR strategy, you’ll want to make sure your website is fully optimized.

  • What this service includes: It depends on who you hire. An SEO copywriter will conduct keyphrase research and add them to the site copy as well as the backend. An SEO agency might also provide technical optimizations, including cleaning up bad links and broken pages, as well as improving website loading speeds.
  • Who this service is best for: This is great for you if your website isn’t yet optimized for your target keyphrases. PR won’t help you rank if your website isn’t ready.
  • On the SEO PR scale, where does this service fall? This service is more on the SEO side, however a skilled service provider should let you know what anchor text to prioritize in your digital PR for every page they help you optimize.

2. SEO blog writing

Regular blog content gives you more chances to rank. Sort of like buying more lottery tickets. (Real gambling not advised. Marketing bets are better.)

  • What this service includes: A freelancer or agency will conduct keyphrase research and write content that is well optimized and long enough to have a great shot at ranking for that keyphrase. They might also provide updates to the content after 3 to 6 months (at an included or additional cost) to improve content that isn’t yet ranking.
  • Who this service is best for: If you want to rank for a variety of keyphrases, you need to invest in this service. Not every business needs to rank for hundreds of keyphrases. For example, if you are a small local service business, you want to rank for “Sacramento pest control.” Ranking for non-location keyphrases probably won’t bring in revenue, if you don’t plan to expand. You’ll be better off investing in website optimization and some of the services below.
  • On the SEO PR scale, where does this service fall? Again, this service is on the SEO side, but a skilled service provider or agency should point you in the right direction of PR services that will give your SEO content a boost in search rankings.

3. Podcast guest pitching

The red light is on and it’s time for your interview. When you’re picky about where you get featured, podcast guesting can be a smart strategy.

  • What this service includes: The service will include pitching you to podcast hosts. The service might charge for a number of pitches (for example 50 per month) with no guarantee of placement, or they might charge you a booking fee ($300 to $1000) per successful placement, depending on the popularity of the types of podcasts you want to be a guest on.
  • Who this service is best for: This service is a great fit for business owners and executives who aren’t just looking for SEO results, but who also want to grow their credibility and authority while getting in front of new audiences.
  • On the SEO PR scale, where does this service fall? This service is more on the PR side. A podcast interview should be done for the publicity juice, not just the SEO. However, podcast guesting does absolutely give you backlinks. You just might as well spend your time in front of the right audiences too.

4. Guest post pitching

One of my favorite ways to get in front of new audiences, submitting guest posts can be easier than you think.

  • What this service includes: The service will likely include pitching external websites with a DR of at least 25 (if not 45+), crafting a post that includes a link to your site from the desired anchor text, and making sure that post actually gets published with a dofollow link.
  • Who this service is best for: If you want to get in front of niche audiences while boosting SEO results, this is the perfect fit for you. This is great for B2B companies who need to target very specific audiences as opposed to entire geographical markets or demographics.
  • On the SEO PR scale, where does this service fall? Guest post pitching is right in the middle! It’s a very common PR strategy used to get SEO results, while some PR strategies are less SEO focused.

5. HARO responding

The media is waiting to hear from you. Will you respond? HARO is a place where journalists ask questions, and business owners can answer them for a chance to be featured in the article. When you sign up, you’ll get 3 emails a day with queries across a variety of categories.

  • What this service includes: You can hire a HARO responding agency to write answers to queries for you, or you can train your PR assistant to answer HARO queries. As someone who uses HARO both as a journalist and a source, I always recommend that you hire and train your own assistant. This way, you’ll get better responses from someone who really knows you and your business.
  • Who this service is best for: This service is a great fit for a business owner who wants both top-tier publicity as well as small features that boost SEO.
  • On the SEO PR scale, where does this service fall? It can be either or both, depending on what kinds of journalists you reply to. Many of the “journalists” are actually bloggers and content managers, but some are working for major publications. While HARO linkbuilding is common, HARO can also give you access to top tier media outlets, so don’t treat it as a purely SEO opportunity.

6. Media pitching

You can’t always wait for journalists to come to you. Getting in the habit of daily or weekly pitches is the only way to win in the publicity game. Luckily, you can outsource this.

  • What this service includes: Your PR agency should intimately know your business, craft compelling stories, and pitch the most relevant media contacts. Most PR businesses operate on a retainer model. For example, they might offer 2 story campaigns to multiple media contacts for $1000 a month.
  • Who this service is best for: If you want to grow your visibility and access new audiences, this is the service for you. Leads from publicity tend to be really hot because they have been well nurtured. They understand what you offer and see you as the best option available.
  • On the SEO PR scale, where does this service fall? PR all the way! While great publicity can give you backlinks, it shouldn’t be done for the sake of SEO. Your PR goals should simply be to build awareness and organic traffic with your ideal audience. However, if you release an SEO-optimized guide and pitch it, then the service falls in the middle.

7. Journalist relationship building

You can and should build long lasting relationships with journalists.

  • What this service includes: This is wrapped up in a PR service if you’re working with a PR agency. However, I help my clients train their PR assistants in doing this work for them. This service can involve connecting with target journalists on social media and maintaining relationships with journalists who have covered your business in the past.
  • Who this service is best for: If you want top tier publicity but can’t afford a PR agency, you can absolutely train assistants and interns to do this for you.
  • On the SEO PR scale, where does this service fall? PR for sure. Great media features do offer backlinks, but more importantly they should get you in front of your target audience.

8. Co-marketing partner pitching

Digital PR opens you up to a whole new world. It’s not just about top tier publications. Great traffic and leads can come from anywhere. You can partner with influencers, bloggers, and other (non-competitor) companies that target the same audience as you.

  • What this service includes: A freelancer or agency will pitch influencers, bloggers, and content managers on your behalf to reach out to them about partnering on guides, webinars, and other content formats.
  • Who this service is best for: This is a great service for a company that wants to go for grassroots PR and drive traffic in unusual (but highly effective ways).
  • On the SEO PR scale, where does this service fall? This service is more on the digital PR side, but if you can also get backlinks to your SEO content, then hey why not?

While there are many SEO PR services available, you probably shouldn’t tackle them all at once. Plan on using 2 to 3 of these services per quarter.