March 1, 2021

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SEO PR Resource Hub
SEO and PR work together in important ways to grow your authority and traffic online. You want your business to be the number one in your market, right? Well, to do so, you need to rank in Google search results and be visible everywhere that matters to your audience. You can do this with SEO PR.

In this SEO PR Resource Hub, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the strategy behind combining these two forces, and how to implement this in your own busine

SEO is what you are telling Google that you are and PR is what other websites are telling Google that you are. 

Let’s talk about SEO plus PR. 

Maybe you know what SEO is. Maybe you know what PR is, but maybe you don’t know how they go together. SEO is search engine optimization. That’s all the things we do to try to get our websites to rank in Google, like selecting and targeting the right keyphrases. 

PR is, of course, publicity, getting featured in popular publications that your audience reads, getting featured in relevant podcasts, that sort of stuff. 

How do SEO and PR go together? 

The quickest way that I like to describe it is that SEO is what you are telling Google that you are and PR is what other websites are telling Google that you are. 

PR is more than that, of course, but for the purpose of combining it with SEO, it’s all about getting quality backlinks from relevant websites.

Service provider example

You might optimize your website for the type of service or product that you offer, and then you might also get publicity for that type of product or service.

That tells Google that you are the authority. They see the key phrases that you have in your website, pages, and posts, and then they also see that other websites are linking to you when talking about that content. Anchor text is the best version of this. Anchor text is basically just the link text. If you write a guest post for a website and you want to link back to a page on your site, that is about email marketing software, then in the guest post, you would use the anchor text, email marketing software, as the link, and have that link back to your page that is about email marketing software.

Your SEO content needs to be top-notch (PR won’t boost bad content)

Now, SEO and PR definitely go together because Google pays attention to not only the quality of the content on your website, but also to the number of backlinks and quality of backlinks that you have to your website and especially your SEO optimized pages. But that doesn’t mean it’s a magical boost. If you have a bunch of backlinks to a page that isn’t that great, it’s not going to help you rank, you still have to have amazing on-site content. So, you still have to have your website page optimized for your target key phrase. You need those secondary key phrases in there. You need the right length. Maybe that might be 1,000 words or 3,000 words. You need great images. You need numbers, statistics, quotes, infographics, different multimedia sources like embedded podcasts or embedded videos, whatever works for that key phrase. You need really great rich content.

And then once you have that, the backlinks can drastically increase the chances of you ranking, but don’t forget that you still have to have great on-site content. 

How SEO and PR don’t go together 

While SEO and PR are related and do connect, because they’re things that you’re doing online to build your authority, there’s also instances where they don’t connect. And you shouldn’t just do PR for the sake of SEO and you also shouldn’t expect PR to get you SEO results, if your content sucks. So, hopefully, this helps you to understand how SEO and PR go together and also how they don’t.

Publicity matters, even without an SEO focus

And also, it’s important to know that PR and publicity has so much value and relevance, even if it isn’t about ranking your SEO pages. So, a lot of times you can’t control the anchor texts that you’re going to get. For example, when I got my business featured in Forbes, the link to my website was from the anchor text “Dayana Mayfield.”

It wasn’t from a target key phrase that I wanted to rank for. So, don’t only take publicity opportunities that you can control that anchor text because the value, of course, is getting in front of new, relevant audiences. Having content that you can share on social media to stay top of mind, building your brand and your authority, and basically just getting your message out there.

Great content can rank even without backlinks

Amazing content can rank, even without backlinks.

While backlinks are often necessary to rank even well-optimized content, they aren’t necessary when:

  • Your content is far better than what is currently ranking
  • You were one of the first content creators to target this keyphrase
  • You have a very high topical authority for this keyphrase

So, while you should combine SEO with PR, you should also practice them separately. 

With that in mind, I invite you to explore this hub of content!

Here’s what you’ll find in my SEO PR resource hub: