What if you could

get publicity 

without pitching?

Train your freelancer, assistant, or intern in digital PR. Save 40-70% of your retainer budget and get better ROI.

Guest posting, podcasts & FEATURES


designed for small virtual teams

helps you get real roi from pr

If you DIY publicity,
it’ll never get done

Pitch & Profit is designed for entrepreneurs with a digital PR budget of $300 to $1500 per month. Perfect for SaaS companies, ecommerce companies, bloggers, and consultants.


Do It Yourself


Work With Assistants & Freelancers


Hire PR Agency


Hire PR Employees

You struggle to make time for digital PR

You have a business to run. You don’t have time to research the best podcasts or blogs to be featured on. You don’t have time (or the know-how) to pitch podcast hosts or contributors for Forbes.

Your authority could and should be better

Your competitors are being featured everywhere, partnering with amazing companies and outlets, and racking up backlinks that fortify rankings for the SEO keyphrases you dream of—the ones that could change your business.

You don’t know how to manage your team’s efforts

You understand that PR takes effort, but you have no idea how to organize that effort or train your people. After all, you’re not an expert in digital PR.

Digital PR matters. It shows your audience and search engines that you are the authority.


Get everything you need to stand out as the top option in your niche and gather more customers, clients, and partners.


Earn quality backlinks that help you rank for highly valuable SEO keyphrases. Set up a smart SEO PR foundation.

Don’t go it alone. Pitch & Profit trains your team for you.

training briefs for pr teams

Make it easy and profitable with:





A virtual pr assistant



Your virtual assistant can research and pitch podcasts, guest post opportunities, and more. You can write contributor posts yourself, or just focus on podcasts and being a source for journalists instead. (No writing required.)

a virtual assistant and writing assistant for pr



Your writer can help with major outlet press pitches, headline ideas, and actual writing. Your virtual assistant can research and pitch podcasts, guest post opportunities, and more.

Grow with Consistent

Digital PR



I’ve been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, YFS Magazine, Thrive Global, StartupNation, and countless co-marketing and backlink-building opportunities. My story pitches have landed my tech clients in Forbes and Entrepreneur, plus dozens of industry sites.


I love how digital PR grows brand authority, improves search rankings, and generates content for social media all at the same time!


I’m so excited to bring this unique, time-saving, revenue-boosting program to you.

“I’ve avoided creating a team process for PR and link building simply because it’s yet another big task that I just don’t have time for. Dayana’s course was exactly what I needed because it’s aimed at your team. I sent it to our marketing assistant and he’s used it to easily create our process. There were several link building tactics in there that I’d never even considered. It’s only been a few days and the purchase has paid for itself already.”

James Rose

Co-founder of Content Snare

Dayana is on top of the game! We were lucky enough to have been referred to Dayana and she has exceeded our expectations in both our SEO needs and PR for our company. She is a great asset to us and highly recommend her for all types of companies including start-ups in the pet sitting world. She has gone over and beyond her services to become our business coach as well. We highly encourage any company needing her services to connect with her.

Yara Mani and Jodi Kaplowitz

Co-founders of Catbuddy

Pitch & Profit was amazing! I learned everything I needed to properly start PR and how to outsource quickly. I used the training, tools and templates provided for an executive coach client and was able to land him on 2 podcasts in 24 hours on my first try! Can’t wait to start doing this at scale!”

Michael Rincon

Copywriter and Marketer

Everything you need for getting digital press coverage.

Whether your goal is greater visibility, more brand authority, industry relationships, an SEO boost, or all of the above.




Learn the key things to have in place before ramping up your digital PR. Walk away with clear action items based on your unique goals (premium press coverage or SEO).






Gain valuable contributor spots each and every month. Create a process that matches your budget, whether that’s getting help with research only, or pitching and writing too.





Nail down a simple process for converting subject matter expertise into regular publicity. Release the burden of doing PR all by yourself. 





Set up a smart process for guesting on podcasts, based on your unique goals for digital PR. Learn how to outsource the most critical pieces of this competitive PR strategy.





Discover a simple process for driving inbound PR through social media. Train your assistant in building relationships with the perfect reporters that cover businesses just like yours.


Grow with Consistent

Digital PR


Why this?

Why now?

Your team CAN earn digital PR opportunities for a lower cost than an agency. But you have to know all of the time-saving hacks and how to be discerning (AKA picky).

This is not a program to get you on crappy blog posts and podcasts.

This is a program to help you build industry relationships, grow your audience, gather backlinks, and control your digital PR process to create opportunities you can leverage again and again.

The alternative? Your agency builds and owns all of these relationships, but doesn’t charge you any less.



“The moments in life in which we’re lucky enough to encounter someone who possesses true greatness within their craft are magical. Dayana blends a scientist’s precision with an artist’s flair in each and every project we’ve worked on together. Being able to experience true delight when a project is delivered is such a wonderful luxury, and one that Dayana manages to create every time.”

Ryan Rutan

Founding Partner and CMO of Startups.com and Zirtual

Let’s train your team!


  • Course with tutorials, pitch templates, briefs, and pitch trackers
  • Everything organized by skills which can be combined into one or separate roles (subject matter expert, researcher, ideator, writer, pitcher)
  • One 60-minute strategy call with you, the subject matter expert
  • Four 60-minute coaching calls with your assistant or intern, spread over two months
  • Custom briefs and pitches, written by me, unique to your business
  • Two months of email support for quick answers to your team’s questions


COURSE + 1:1

  • Course with tutorials, pitch templates, briefs, and pitch trackers
  • Everything organized by skills which can be combined into one or separate roles (subject matter expert, researcher, ideator, writer, pitcher)
  • One 60-minute strategy call with you, the subject matter expert
  • Four 60-minute coaching calls with your assistant or intern, spread over two months
  • Custom briefs and pitches, written by me, unique to your business
  • Two months of email support for quick answers to your team’s questions


“I would highly recommend Dayana to anyone looking to develop their skills in SEO and digital PR. There was a clear lesson plan created from our first meeting and we made the most of our 4 training sessions. The lesson plan was tailored to my situation which made everything easy to understand from the get go. It was extremely beneficial to have un-gated access to Dayana’s advice and expertise during our couple of months working together. At any point Dayana could be reached by email and troubleshoot any issues I encountered.”

Harry Deane

Marketing Ops at Workvivo

Grow with Consistent

Digital PR


There’s always a bit of uncertainty about purchasing a digital product. I’ve been there. 

But I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t invested in the right digital courses at the right time. 

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you’re entitled to a full refund. I will refund your money within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked!


Do I really need another course?

No, but your team does! Even just 3 or 5 hours per week towards digital PR can make an ENORMOUS difference when it comes to increasing your visibility, brand authority, of course your search rankings too.

What if I don’t have a team?

Pitch & Profit is still a great fit for you, because it focuses on PROCESS. So many digital PR programs are all a bunch of information with no PROCESS. Pitch & Profit will make it easier for you to organize your own work. Plus, when you’re ready to outsource this work, you’ll know how.

What is covered in Pitch & Profit?

You’ll learn my three step process for getting publicity and maximizing it to the fullest with SEO prep work before the publicity and social media sharing after (prepare, publicize, promote). You’ll also learn how to get publicity via contributor articles, HARO responses, podcast guesting, and inbound PR. Best of all, you’ll get briefs ready to go, so all you have to do is edit the briefs and have your team watch the training videos. 

What is the format of the program?

Pitch & Profit offers video trainings, video transcriptions (if you prefer to read), brief templates, and pitch templates.

How are the modules organized?

Each module includes lessons for the skills/roles required: expert, pitcher, researcher, writer, ideator. Not every skill is needed for every type of digital PR, so the modules only include lessons for who’s involved in that type of publicity.

Why are modules broken up by skill (research, pitching, etc.)?

Because most entrepreneurs don’t have time to do digital PR themselves! Myself included. I noticed a big gap with digital PR training for small businesses that don’t have PR employees…it was all focused on DIY.


Telling business owners to do their own publicity is a surefire way for them to never get any publicity. Do you have time to do this all by yourself? I assume you don’t. And if you do now, you won’t for very long. When you buy Pitch & Profit, you get a training program that helps you outsource digital PR as simply as possible.

How should I use the program?

Watch the Expert lessons for the modules you want to implement. Do one module at a time. So, if you want to start with contributor articles, watch the Expert lesson and have your press assistant, writing assistant, and/or VA watch the lessons that correspond to their work. 

The Expert lesson of every module gives you a clear path ahead for how to brief your assistant or freelance team.

How many freelancers or assistants do I need?

None! Preferably 1 or 2 if you want to save time and can afford the help. You can have a virtual assistant help with the research and you can do the pitching yourself. Or you can have a virtual assistant help with the research, a press assistant do the pitching, and a writer do the ghostwriting.


Start where you are. Pitch & Profit shows you very clear outsourcing options for every type of digital PR. Whether you have a VA, a freelancer, or are flying solo right now, Pitch & Profit grows with you.

How much should I pay a virtual assistant or press assistant to help with digital PR?

The Expert Suite of Pitch & Profit helps you determine who to hire and how much to pay them.

What makes Pitch & Profit different from other digital PR training programs?

There are two key differentiators: 1) team process and 2) maximizing PR with SEO.

Why maximize PR with SEO?

Why not? If you’re going to be focusing on publicity anyways, you might as well learn my super sneaky tactics for increasing your most valuable search rankings at the very same time.

Grow with Consistent

Digital PR


Pitch & Profit