How to Find Interns for Marketing Projects (and Help Kickstart Their Careers)

by | Apr 5, 2021

hire interns for marketing

Looking to hire marketing interns? Offering an internship is a great way to get extra help on projects, help a budding marketer gain experience, and develop your talent pipeline should you be looking for a full-time hire. 

There are many avenues to find marketing interns–they can be found through current and new partnerships, by posting on your social media and website, and through schools and universities. Here are some tips on how to find interns and best practices for managing them.

Post that you are hiring interns on your social media and website

The great thing about social media and having a website is that you already have platforms that you can use to look for potential interns. Create fun and attractive graphics to post on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter that you can make for free on platforms like Canva. You can even record a short video about why you’re looking for an intern and who would be an ideal candidate to post on your story, website, or TikTok (yes, TikTok helps a lot of businesses recruit these days!). Social media can make the process of looking for an in-person or remote marketing intern more creative and less formal.

Also, reach out to other people, companies, or non-profits you follow on social media who have the audience you want to access and ask them to share your internship posts. Furthermore, use your own website to post your internship opportunities. Edit your already existing careers or opportunities page to include internships or create a new page where potential interns can apply. You can also write about your opportunities in articles that can easily be shared on social media, Facebook groups, and through personal and professional contacts. 

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Promote through marketing programs you know or went through

Another way to find your future intern is to contact digital marketing programs that you know about or went through yourself to let them know about your opportunities. If it’s a course you took, it will also help them by highlighting one of their previous students who is successful. There are many programs out there, so make sure you are reaching out to the programs that are connected to the type of potential marketing intern you are looking for.

Partner with the career centers at local colleges and universities

You can look to the schools within your own vicinity for potential interns. Inform the career centers or counselors at local schools about the internships you offer. You can also contact their marketing and business departments directly to connect with them about your opportunities.

If you received a college degree, look to your alma mater as another outlet to find interns. Reach out to your department’s undergraduate advisors or your previous mentors and professors. Reconnecting with the people and places that helped you get where you are can direct you to people whose shoes you were once in. This also allows them to show off an alumnus who can be of inspiration to their students! 

Hire interns from job and intern sites

Where did you find some of your first jobs, internships, or mentors when you were starting out? Online job listings are great for hiring interns and recruiting someone eager to start their marketing career. Some sites you can find interns are LinkedIn and Idealist

Make sure the parameters of the internship are clear–how much the pay is, the duration, and what you can offer as an employer or mentor that will help their career goals. Treat this listing as you would a full-time job listing but also including what type of educational experiences they will have working with you.

Next steps

Once you’ve hired, onboarded, and trained your interns, you’ll want to make sure you’re following best practices for managing them to ensure that you are providing a valuable experience in the marketing field, will be someone they can access and learn from, and show that you care about helping kickstart their career.

Here are some best practices for managing your interns:

  • Set goals. Figure out together or ask your intern what their personal mission is and what you both want to achieve during your time together. Setting goals can help your intern experience the benefits of working with you and not just focus on getting the work done. Put these goals to timelines that correlate with scheduled check-in meetings.
  • Check-in. Checking in with your intern shows them that you care about their progress and experience interning with you. It also gives them a chance to give you feedback and to reassess their goals. As their mentor, this gives them a chance to pick your brain and ask questions about the industry. Having regular check-in meetings is a way to make yourself accessible to your intern. 
  • Have fun! Make sure to include your interns in social events and outings, which also serve as a chance to network and start forming their paths after their internship with you. It’s important to have fun and help your intern feel like they are a part of the team.

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Ellen Zhang is the Chief Marketing Officer of Symba, an all-in-one remote program management platform that helps companies onboard, train, and manage interns.


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