50 Headline Ideas for Blog Posts and Contributor Pitches

by | Nov 17, 2020

headline ideas for blog posts and guest blogging

Coming up with the perfect headline for your blog post to pull in readers is often the hardest part. The best headlines draw emotion and provide answers to questions that readers did not even know they had. While you should aim for novelty, there is a formula that all of the major publications and blogs use for their headlines.

And guess what? You can follow their examples to make your own headlines!

Below, we provide you with 50 headline templates to get readers clicking on your articles. Use it as a kind of generator that you can fill in with your post’s content, giving you the type of headline that has proven to work.

When your posts are filled with quality information, you want a headline to match. Follow these examples to bring your headline ideas to the next level!


Headline idea category: Problems & Issues

We are constantly searching for answers to our problems online. The great part about this headline category is that you are taking the problem head-on.

If you change the perspective on an issue that has affected many, then you’ve got an audience.


1. Why [a bad thing] isn’t bad

Example: 5 Ways Bad Reviews Can Actually Be Good For Business (Inc.)

2. Why [popular thing] isn’t enough

Example: 5 Reasons Hard Work Isn’t Enough to Win In Your Work (Forbes)

3. Stop worrying about [thing]

Example: Stop Worrying About the Novelty of Your Idea (Inc.)

4. Why we do [things we shouldn’t] and how to fix that

Example: Why we eat too much: the new science of appetite (and what it tells us about losing weight) (The Telegraph)

5. The problem with [buzzworthy thing]

Example: Nurse exposes the problem with common grocery store item: ‘You’ll never go back’ (Yahoo)

6. Stop overthinking [important thing]

Example: How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes (Harvard Business Review)

7. Why [thing] stopped working and what to do instead

Example: Why Transparent Email Stopped Working For Us and What We Do Instead (Buffer)

8. Common mistakes to avoid when [hard part about the process]

Example: 20 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business (Business News Daily)

9. Get over [common issue] with these [specific tip] ideas

Example: Get Over Your Creativity Block With These 20 Social Media Content Ideas (Buffer)


Headline idea category: Inspiration

Everyone could use a little inspiration from those who came before them or who are changing the game. Inspire your readers to act on their goals by sharing a situation where it was possible.

If you tap into what they desire, you can inspire them to go after it with these headline ideas.


10. What you can learn from [recognizable person] in your industry

Example: 8 Powerful Lessons You Can Learn From the Career of Elon Musk (Inc)

11. Things [recognizable person] in your industry overlooked

Example: LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman shares 3 lessons he learned from the failure of his first company (Business Insider)

12. Why now is the best time to do [buzzworthy thing]

Example: As consumers find value in AI, now is the time to invest further (Venturebeat)

13. How this [interesting title] did [unexpected thing]

Example: How This Under 30 Entrepreneur Moved From Software to Create Silicon Valley’s New Morning Elixir: Magic Mind (Forbes)

14. [New thing] is reshaping [your industry]–here’s how

Example: Millennials Are Reshaping The Business Travel Industry—Here’s How (TravelPerk)

15. What I know now after [unpleasant or common experience]

Example: What I Now Know After Feeling Miserable and Worthless at Work (Tiny Buddha)


Headline idea category: How To

“How To” headlines are simple but effective and all you have to do is specify the information your audience wants. It gives your readers a look into how something is done and allows you to share your expertise with them.

Lastly, add a hint to the answer in your headline to really hook your readers.


16. How [your audience] can survive a hard time

Example: With work drying up, here’s how freelancers can pivot to make it through the coronavirus pandemic (Fortune)  

17. How to deal with [something] everyone wants to avoid

Example: Ghosts, Seagulls, and Incompetents: How to Deal with Bad Bosses (The New York Times)

18. How to master [obstacle] with [a tip]

Example: How to master new skills with ‘deliberate practice’ (BBC)

19. How to [dificult task] as a [job charcteristic]

Example: How We Hold an Engaging All Hands Meeting as a Remote Team (Buffer)

20. How to [important thing] without [something we want to avoid]

Example: How to Double Your YouTube Subscribers (Without Buying Them) (Neil Patel)

21. How to [daunting task] with this simple hack

Example: How to Grow Your Email List 10x With This Simple Hack (Jeff Bulas)

22. How to make the best of [something your audience deals with]

Example: How to Make the Best of Hard Times: The ABCs of an Empowered Mindset (Tiny Buddha)


Headline idea category: Lists

List headlines give your readers options or exact steps to follow. If your readers need advice, information, or motivation, lists clarify the tactics.

Lists are also easy and quick to read, which is why we recommend you use them in your headlines!


23. Specific ways to embrace the future

Example: A No-Nonsense, 5 Step Guide to Success in the Digital Era (Entrepreneur)

24. The most unexpected ways to do something your audience cares about

Example: 4 Unexpected Ways Central Hudson Pays Customers to Be Energy Efficient (Chronogram)

25. Vital questions you must answer to [improvement]

Example: 5 Vital Questions Your Web Copy Must Answer to Increase Conversions (Jeff Bulas)

26. Best practices that will [improvement we tend to seek]

Example: 7 Sales Funnel Best Practices That Will Transform Your Business (Jeff Bulas)

27. Best resources for [difficult step of the process]

Example: 25 Best Resources for Finding New Content Ideas for Blogs (StoryChief)

28. Powerful lessons you can learn from [person or experience]

Example: The Ten Life Lessons From Steve Jobs We Should Never Forget (Forbes)

29. Things I realized after [learning important lesson]

Example: 10 things I realized after I quit my job without a plan (Business Insider)


Headline idea category: Questions

Where would we be without questions? They keep us learning, evolving, and improving. Including the question in your headline that you provide answers to in your article draws in potential readers by revealing that they are not alone in asking this question!


30. Want [desirable thing]? Just do this

Example: 38-year-old retiree: ‘America, stop wasting your money on these 7 things – if you want to retire early’ (CNBC)

31. Difficult situation? Ways to fix it

Example: Furloughed or unemployed? Experts offer advice to those considering a career change (The Seattle Times)

32. What does [something] actually mean? The [tip] you need to understand

Example: This Is What Being a Management Consultant Actually Means (The Muse)

33. Spending time on [something]? Why it’s time to switch to [better option]

Example: Blogging with Google Docs? It’s Probably Time to Stop… (StoryChief)

34. [Something happening in your industry]—but should you?

Example: Shoppers Can Buy Now, Pay Later — but should you? (MoneyWise)

35. Need to [desired action]? Try this

Example: Need to switch up your home office? A design expert shares her 7 favorite setups on Instagram (CNBC)


Headline idea category: Informative

When your article includes news, updates or helpful information, you can use these formats below! There are many ways you can word informative articles, so these examples give you specific ways that you can word them.


36. The difference between [x] and [y]

Example: 9 Differences Between Being A Leader and A Manager (Forbes)

37. What to look for in a [outsourced work]

Example: What to Look for in a Corporate Travel Agency (TravelPerk)

38. Tools every [audience title] needs

Tools Every Content Marketer Needs (And Their Black Friday Deals) (StoryChief)

39. Now is the time to [something we want to do]

Example: Now is the time to build more equitable—and empathetic—financial services (Fast Company)

40. How [new thing] is impacting [industry or method]

Example: How Will AI Impact the Future of Marketing? We’re Teaming up with Marketing AI Institute to Find Out. (Drift)

41. [Number or adjective] ideas for [specific audience or event]

Example: Quirky Wedding Ideas for Unconventional Couples (MoneyWise)

42. Hacks for [valuable tip for your audience]

Example: 5 Money-Saving Hacks for Cyber Monday (MoneyWise)


Headline idea category: Tips and Guides

Tips and guide blog posts can also be written as lists or in paragraphs with lots of information. There is space to include your personal anecdotes and experiences as well as the projections you have for the future. These headlines address something that your readers are in the dark about, so use these headlines to shed light on it!


43. A minimalist guide to [not so easy task]

38. Example: A Minimalist Guide to SEO: Get It Done in 6 Simple Steps (Neil Patel)

44. [Your title] tips and tricks: How [something you know well]

Example: Executive Assistant Tips & Tricks: How Modern EAs Master Their Roles (TravelPerk)

45. [Difficult task] in the new normal: Guide to [a survival skill in your industry]

Example: Recruiting in the New Normal: Drift’s Guide to Creating a High-Touch Candidate Experience in a Digital World (Drift)

46. Tips or resource to help you achieve [goals]

Example: Facebook is making it easier to run a business online (Techradar)

47. The Ultimate Guide to [desired skill of your audience]

Example: The Ultimate Guide to How To Write A Top-Performing Blog Post (StoryChief)

48. A complete [number]-step guide to [action]

Example: The Complete, 12-Step Guide to Starting a Business (Entrepreneur)

49. The top [topic] tips to [objective]

Example: The Top Skincare Marketing Tips to Boost Your Beauty Brand (Neil Patel)

50. Tips and tricks for mastering [task or job]

Example: Executive Assistant tips & tricks: how modern EAs master their roles (TravelPerk)

Use these headline ideas as templates for your own blog posts and guest blogging pitches.


Rio Villa writes for clients and for her travel blog, The TwentySomething Traveler. She is a content writer and copywriter as well as an audiovisual content producer.


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