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by | Jan 11, 2021

Finding guest posting sites that are actively accepting submissions in the right categories can be tedious. You may do the research yourself but come across sites that are no longer accepting guest writers even though your content would be perfect for their blog.

Instead, save time and scour this list of sites we complied that are currently accepting guest posts on topics from marketing to mom entrepreneurship. We’ve even included each site’s domain score and the link to their submission pages to aid you in your search. Once you’ve found a site you want to write for, then check out our article on 50 headline ideas for your guest posts!

Marketing Guest Posting Sites

If you have a thing or two to say about best practices for SEO, digital PR, or social media, these are some marketing sites you can write for. Give your unique point of view on news or tips that every marketer could use in 2021.


Sales Guest Posting Sites

In this category, we see articles like “8 reasons to include elements of storytelling in your sales strategy” (Panda Doc) and “8 Sales Email Subject Lines That Get Results” (Woculus). Though listing 8 things seem to be a trend here, you are not limited to how you pitch your sales story!


Copywriting Guest Posting Sites

More and more readers are curious about the path to copywriting and want to hear advice from successful copywriters. Many other sites also accept articles about copywriting even if it is not their sole focus. But here are some that are aimed specifically toward aspiring copywriters that accept posts by guest writers.


Freelancing Guest Posting Sites

With all of the different types of freelance work comes many online resources for freelancers. Topics around freelancing can also be pitched to other business-related sites, but if you’re looking for a more targeted audience, use these sites below.


Blogging Guest Posting Sites

Helping others get better at the medium of writing and drawing readers to their blog is a hot topic. So, if you’re a practiced blogger with tricks up your sleeve that you’d like to share while also receiving backlinks to your blog, then check out these opportunities.


Finance Guest Posting Sites

The sites in this category accept blog posts about finance but also its relationship to productivity, business building, and even family. Consider submitting to these outlets if you are financially literate and passionate about informing others.


Sports and Fitness Guest Posting Sites

Physical wellbeing can include playing sports, practicing yoga, or understanding nutrition. Due to Covid changing the game last year, many fitness and sports instructors and business owners have had to move online. To collaborate, ring in new clients, or gain exposure for your brand, see these sports and fitness sites that you might like to write for.


Home and Garden Guest Posting Sites

With many people spending more time at home these days and improving their green thumbs, newbies are turning to home and garden experts for inspiration. These sites feature articles on topics from how to pick the right apartment to home gardening for beginners.


Family & Parenting Guest Posting Sites

Giving information from one parent who’s been around the block to another going through their first experience is invaluable. Online readers are looking for stories of parenthood, personal experiences, and tips. See some of the outlets they turn to and share your knowledge.


Tech Guest Posting Sites

Tech savviness, news, and blogs for women make this category very diverse. These sites are looking for writers to talk about an array of topics as long as it covers technology and its effect today.


Business Guest Posting Sites

Below you can find writing opportunities for sites about startups, office life, and upcoming trends. These sites cover many topics that are related to business, like why chatbots are essential for business and utilizing customer feedback.


Women Entrepreneurs Guest Posting Sites

These sites post information from women’s perspectives for the benefit of anyone who reads their content. If you’re passionate about sharing entrepreneur tips, inspirational stories, and tips for other female entrepreneurs, consider writing for these outlets below.


Mom Entrepreneurs Guest Posting Sites

Sharing how to balance the tasks of building your own business while parenting is what these outlets discuss. For example, a recent article on Working Mother is “5 Boundaries Working Moms Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Enforce in 2021.” Share your experiences by guest writing for these sites!


Wellness and Productivity Guest Posting Sites

We all have that motivational book or article that picked us up when we needed it most. These sites provide inspiration to take actions towards our goals, practice mindfulness, or to remember we are in control of our lives.


Lifestyle Guest Posting Sites

From recipes to travel, lifestyle content can cover almost anything. Get creative and share what you’ve learned from living your unique lifestyle that could be of interest when you write for these readers.


Editorial/News Guest Posting Sites

News, opinion, and fiction writers–this category is for you. These outlets cover all stories from modern romance to the origin of humans.



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