5 Free Content Promotion Strategies for Bloggers & Small Business Owners

by | Mar 2, 2021

I’m so thrilled that Forbes covered my content promotion strategies! Forbes contributor Stephanie Burns talks about my favorite 5 strategies for promoting SEO content in this article. These strategies don’t require you to run ads. Even better, they boost your SEO results while helping you build relationships with non-competitor businesses and journalists in your industry.

“Content marketing is 60% more affordable than paid advertising—and more effective. One of my clients stopped running paid ads altogether because my free strategies not only worked much better at attracting new clients but also saved him thousands of dollars.” – Dayana Mayfield, digital PR expert and the founder of Pitch & Profit

In the Forbes feature, I cover these 5 strategies:

  1. Create an infographic or multimedia resource
  2. Write a guest post that links to your original content
  3. Pitch your own statistics to the media
  4. Promote your SEO-optimized freebie on a podcast
  5. Email your best blogs to 50 influencers

And I give you tons of tips about my favorite SEO content promotion strategy, guest blogging:

This is my personal favorite strategy for promoting SEO content, because it yields quality backlinks—mentions of your site on another site—while also providing more content to share on social media. Google notices when your site has a lot of backlinks and ranks you higher on their search engine because you have so many endorsements from other sites. After I write a blog post that targets an important keyphrase for my business, I pitch a related topic to a few online publications in my industry. In my guest post, I’ll include a link back to the original content on my website. Then, I share both posts on social media. The backlink increases my chances of ranking for the valuable keyphrase I’ve targeted. Meanwhile, my social media posts keep me top of mind with my audience. – Dayana Mayfield, digital PR expert and the founder of Pitch & Profit.

Head over to Forbes and read my latest feature.


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